In order for technology to be efficient, productive, it needs to talk to its peers, means should be able to exchange information with other systems and software. One part of Industrie 4.0 is to build system tools and software which are highly connected. Horizontal integration and vertical integration are two important part of this process.

We at Enit-invilogic is able to work on software tools and systems which needs to be connected. We thrive hard to help opur customers to achieve Horizontal integration through our products and by writing software applications which can talk to your won tools in various departments. KBconnect exactly does the same

It is able to interact, exchange data, documents with your existing CAD, CAE, PLM and ERP tools and making exchange of information Seamless

Seamless Integration of engineering process through KB Connect 



  • KBconnect  builds  connectivity to your existing CAD infrastructure
  • Connectity to PLM system to get the Bill of materials
  • Connectivity to SAP / ERP application to get component properties making the integration with other departments seamless.


  • It can bring smooth integration of virtual prototype models available for each department or stake holders
  • Get Bill of material data exported to SAP and vice versa
  • Connect your PLM system to your CAD system for generating master content.



  Heavy Engineering   Machineries
  Automotive   Aerospace
  Pumps - valves   Hydraulic
  Transformers   Pneumatics
 Automation equipment  
Stake Holders

Stake Holders

Top management:
  • Is your company using number of proprietary tools or from third party vendors which are not user friendly?
  • Does the process flow is broken due to software applications are not talking to each other?
  • Are the engineers spending much time to understand the interfaces?
  • Is there a need to have ONE source of master and all other department should get connected?
  • Do you want to improve ROI and productivity by combining, migrating to newest technology?
Engineering :
  • Is Engineering department is working in line with the management vision?
  • Is your department using many tools for calculation, which is making the process of design cumbersome?