Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission of Enit-invilogic in the European market is very clear, to be a preferred partner in providing, developing customised Software application to Engineering enterprise. Enabling horizontal integration from sales – Engineering – production – maintenance and monitoring through Market driven new technologies in turn increasing productivity, consistency, standardisation, optimisation, predictive analytics to make right decision at right time at right cost.

Who are we?

We are a team of professionals from different technology backgrounds, from Mechanical Engineering services, system engineering, Electronics, software development, mobile apps development, specialist from data analytics, to manufacturing running our won specialised services. with the development of technology from pure mechanical products to smart connected systems,we need each other to provide a solution , this was the opportunity to come together, bundle our strengths and add great value to our customers in Europe under the umbrella of Enit-invilogic.
This is exactly our association will bring in to customers. With experience in new product development in Aerospace and Automotive industry and with strong skills in Systems Engineering with German market understanding, specialist founders coming from design automation, Knowledge based Engineering, software customisation, mobility application and integration across the “manufacturing Industry” supply chain.

Solution we offer :

“Smart connected products are influencing customers to come out with new set of design principles, designs that are interdisciplinary in nature which can achieve high level of standardisation ,optimisation and automation, designs that enable predictive services and are CONNECTED”.

Business case

Business case

Mechanical physical Products are becoming increasingly complex and smart, connected. These smart connected products has to interact with neighbouring systems and play a role of system of systems.

Products in this process has become Interdisciplinary which demands different skill sets, competencies and organisation structure as whole. Companies has to implement a different project and department structure to enable such change, this demands System Engineering practices to be implemented in the customer environment.
Products acting more like systems, needs smarter, predictable, optimised and modular in nature. This needs can be achieved only through digitisation as a whole, a basis for Industry 4.0, more so smart, connected products has to be monitored, optimised, and make it to work with complete autonomy.

"Market needs an Engineering company with a product understanding having ability to develop software applications customised for particular industry, for a particular company and help them to “transform “their product in to “smart optimised connected autonomous system"


Located strategically in Munich having development centres in India.


Enit-invilogic is a member of many organisations and actively involved in Industry 4.0 Programmes.