GUI Development
  Design Automation Engine 
   Building Knowledge Base
   Automated Geometry Creation
   Inference Engine
    Behaviour Modelling 
   Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation
KNOWLEDGE BASED ENGINEERING or   KBE  can be defined as “an engineering method that represents a merging of object oriented programming (OOP), artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and computer-aided design technologies, giving benefit to customized or variant design automation solutions” . This method can be used as true integrator throughout the Product Introduction Process (PIP) supporting the ideas of concurrent engineering”. Best benefits of this process can be had by identifying the tasks which are repetitive in nature , where in some times 90% of time is spent on creating “variants” and some design changes made are “ minor” in nature, giving less scope for creativity and problem solving.means to automate repetitive, non-creative design tasks, which can lead to “significant cost savings” and “free up time for creativity”. 
Organisations have to become very good at understanding where computers can do a better job, where humans have the edge and how to reinvent the process to make the most of both types of talent.

Our approach

Based on this methodology we at Enit-invilogic developed Engine to automate the design activities,We capture the design knowledge in templates. These templates can be reused to design modified products without repeating complete design processes. DA application captures design parameters, rules & logics comprise of various mathematical modelling, company experience and empirical relations.We Automate non-creative design tasks by utilizing object oriented programming and API’s.