Total cost of ownership
  Performance contracting
   Remaining useful life
   Condition based monitoring
   Predictive maintenance
    Predictive analytics
Maintenance concepts are taking parading shift with new products and systems. Maintenance has become sustenance engineering, not just replacing bolts and Nuts. Performance based contracting, total cost of ownership, increasing life of the product through condition based parameters has taken precedence over time & material or fixed period maintenance subcontracting. Making sure that the the product is Reliable and available all time without down period has become the need of the hour for any product. In this context maintenance strategies have been developed that have been integrated into the overall production strategy and it aimed to guarantee the highest possible machine and plant availability.

This has also lead to new form Industrial services. Earlier there was a trend towards outsourcing and the outsourcing of industrial services, as the production company wanted to focus on their core competencies in order to withstand the increasing costs and competitive pressure. But with new technology, information coming out of product in service during maintenance is a critical information to improvise the product design and performance.

Our approach

Bring system engineering and ISHM methodologies to implement predictive maintenance into high value assets. Planning maintenance parameters which needs to be captured through sensors in real time, processing on cloud platform, developing mobile applications (apps) to give information, warnings to make decisions by adapting analytical methods. predictive analytics uses regression analysis, modeling, neural network and simulation algorithms taking into account multiple independent variables to determine the likelihood of an event happening in the future.

Data Analytics