Cloud technologies
  Internet of things
   Enterprise apps
   App based analytics 
Internet technologies, increased use of smart phone, cloud based technologies are revolutionising the way business is done. Technology solutions have to cater to different roles of organisation and to different stakeholders, needs form these stakeholders are different, to enable this, information have to be provided to different stake holders ate different levels pushing monitoring KPI’s to analyse, represent information and data. Cloud technology will play a key role in development due to use of multiple mobile devices.

Our approach

We develop cloud enabled applications for industrial needs integrating the cloud infrastructure. Mobility services develop multiple device applications for iOS, Android, using state of the art technologies. It is important to visualise any activity on the field, decide on skills needed to perform such activity to configure roles, field, sections, templates,Deploying them on store for internal stakeholders to use it, monitor it, get reports, helps decisions.